Chairman's Welcome
Welcome to the homepage of RSSA RSSA strives for higher site supervision standards and fairer rights of RSS. In the recent years, the annual public expenditures for infrastructure developments soar to some $60B, nearly 3 folds of the figures pertaining to 2006 & 2007. Following the push for a number of mega-sized infrastructure projects to commence, the amount of site works has increased vastly and this wrought a striking bulge in job opportunities for RSS. However, according to the existing government policy laid down in the Technical Circular for recruitment of RSS issued by the Development Bureau, past relevant working experience of an individual industry participant will be obliterated in the incremental credit assessment in case he/she suffers a 12 months or longer service break in the RSS field. In connection with this literately unfair policy, RSSA issued a letter to the Development Bureau in end February 2012 demanding an upturn in the recognition of relevant experience of RSS.

I take this opportunity to appeal to all RSS for joining RSSA to bolster the representational hallmark of our association. The unity of industry shareholders is definitely an effective vehicle to sustain the righteousness of our requests.

Through this website, RSSA wishes to promulgate information to members and also establish a platform for interactive communications. If any one has views on RSSA or the industry, please feel free to contact us.

Mr. Neil M K WONG

2017-2019 (任期三年)
理事長:    黃文佳先生
副理事長:  麥耀文先生
秘書長:    廖綺蓮女士
司庫:    何四嬌女士
理事:    鄒炳威先生 梁偉雄先生 林澤生先生 黎錦華先生 李昌祺先生 梁炳富先生 王國權先生 祝雄生先生 蔡樹光先生 謝翠英小姐 林本強先生



聘用駐地盤人員監督工務工程的制度歷史悠久,由五十年代起,政府需要興建各類基建工程,如水塘,機場,鐵路,道路,填海及新市鎮等項目,以配合社會人口和經濟的增長。 政府於是制定了一套聘用合約駐地盤人員(以公務人員身份)監督工務工程的制度。



於一九九八年,為配合私有化政策的完成,本會脫離了政府華員會,並改名為「顧問工程公司 (駐地盤) 人員協會」。現時,本會為工聯會屬會之一,會名亦簡化為「駐地盤人員協會」。並於二零一二年,應香港建造業總工會邀請,本會加入成為其屬會成員。

Resident Site Staff Association (RSSA) is formed by personnel working for site supervision of public works projects or other large infrastructure projects. Members include professional engineers, professional quantity surveyors, inspectorate site staff, survey site staff, technicians, clerical site staff, etc..

The system for deployment of Resident Site Staff (RSS) to supervise public works projects has a long history. Since 50’s, the government has been raising a lot of large infrastructure projects, including reservoirs, airports, highways, railways, reclamation, new town developments, etc. in order to cope with the need of the population and economic growth. The government then formulated a system to employ contract resident site staff, as Crown Servants, to carry out the site supervision.

RSSA was established in late 80s and was affiliated to the Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants’ Association (HKCSCA) at that time.

In connection with the sovereignty handover for Hong Kong, the government implemented a policy [namely Direct Employment System (DES)] between 1995 and 1998 to change the RSS status from Crown Servants to employees employed by consulting engineering firms.

In 1998, RSSA detached itself from HKCSCA because of the completion of the DES and was renamed as “Consulting Engineering Firm Resident Site Staff Association”. It is now being affiliated to the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, with a simplified name of “Resident Site Staff Association”.

The goal of RSSA is to raise the quality of site supervision, including safety standard, and environment protection practices, etc..