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RSS Management Handbook

經立法會盧偉國議員的安排,本會於二月五日獲得承建商授權簽署人協會(CASA)損贈的 5600 個口罩,感謝CASA 及盧議員對駐地盤人員的關懷。
經委員商議後,決定已於二零二零續會及新加入會員可獲分發 15 個口罩,先到先得。因此,未續會者或有興趣加入本會的從業員,請瀏覽本會網頁 (,從速辦理入會手續,隨後本會會安排將口罩和會員咭一拼派送。


Resident Site Staff Association Distribution of Face Masks

Through the arrangement made by the Legco member Mr. W K Lo, RSSA received 5600 face masks donated by the Contractor‘s Authorised Signatory Association (CASA) on 5 February 2019. Thanks to CASA and Mr. Lo for their kindness to resident site staff.
After discussion among the committee members, we decide to distribute 15 face masks to each 2020 present member on a first-come-first-served basis. Hence, for those with membership not yet renewed or other practitioners who are interested in joining RSSA, please visit RSSA web site ( and complete the membership procedure as soon as possible. Subsequently, RSSA will arrange dispatch of face masks together with membership cards.

RSSA Chairman
Wong Man Kai, Neil